Perks Of Dating Married Women

Dating single women is totally different from dating married women. Dating married women may bring numerous disadvantages like having to run around, seeing with her in public, and you can’t take her out. But there are also plenty of benefits, perks, or advantages of being with a married woman that you will definitely find heavier than the drawbacks.

Disloyal woman looking another man and her angry boyfriend looking at her on the street


Before we go to providing you with a list of the perks in dating married woman, let us first talk about some pointers you need to remember in order to be successful in seducing, picking up, and dating married women.

When you are dating married women, you need to let her call the shots. You have to let her determine when and where to meet you because she has so many responsibilities and tasks to accomplish like taking care of her children, seeing her husband, and doing the household chores.

You also need to ensure that you give her a good time because married women want a love affair to have hot sex. Never get touchy-feely with the married woman that you are dating. She might kick you to the curb if you do not maintain your relationship with her on the physical level. Keep your affair with her a secret and always be discrete.


So do you want to know the best thing about dating a married woman? It’s the sex, of course. Infidelity brings the best sex one could ever have. Married women oftentimes yearn for the touch of someone else because their marriage is missing something. You could be the excitement in her life by filling in that gap for a brief time. And if she is excited by you and your love affair, she may do exciting things for you too.

The secrecy involved is also one of the perks in dating married women. You are that dirty little secret in her life. Everyone needs to have a nasty bit of sin in life. Another advantage in dating married women is its cost-efficiency. Compared to a real relationship with a single woman, you will never have to spend too much money on your affair with a married woman. Buying her presents and surprises should not be done since it will only stimulate the husband’s suspicion.

Being involved with a married woman can also prove your sexual might and can also make you more physically or sexually attractive to other women. But, of course, do not expect that the more conservative women will find you perfect for them.