Pawn Shop Or Tiffany’s, Getting Your Wedding Ring

Custom wedding rings are in vogue.

Modern couples want to symbolize their union with a miniature work of art that reflects their own tastes, personalities, and unique commitment to one another. They have taken their place alongside personalized vows, ceremonies, music, and wedding cakes to bring magic and romance to that most special of days and to the years beyond.

Couples can design their custom wedding bands from an almost infinite variety of materials, styles, engravings and prices. The traditional gold, white gold, and platinum are of course always available, but unusual materials and colors like titanium, tungsten, black ceramic, and black palladium have arrived on the scene as well. Popular for their durability, comfort and light weight, these new choices also offer brilliant sheen and polish along with a bold statement.

As for styles, custom wedding rings can be round or flat or curved; have graceful side bands or center designs or be completely plain. Unique characterizing texture on the underlying material can be achieved by brushing, polishing, satinizing or sandblasting. Bride and groom can add sparkle and color by choosing semi-precious stones. Inlays, mokume laminates, celtic designs and artcarving with metaphoric meaning can all be incorporated into custom wedding rings.

Part of the allure of personalized jewelry is the opportunity to engrave it with sentiments that come from the heart.

Engraving is especially appropriate for wedding rings. Personalizing the band on the inside or outside with text or symbols is also attractive. Some couples chose to engrave their vows; some select sayings from the Bible or a favorite poem. A simple cross or cherished initial may be just what the bride and groom want to make their items truly unique to them.

Customized rings need not be extravagantly expensive.

In fact, because the choices are so broad, custom wedding bands may well be more economical than pre-designed rings. The couple can get exactly what they want tailored precisely to their tastes at a price they can afford.

Designing their wedding rings together gives a new couple another precious memory.”